How to be UPSI’s Agent?

  1. Only a company, either registered in Malaysia or in home country, can be a registered student recruitment agent;
  2. If your company only focusses on one (1) country, a minimum target of twenty five (25) students being recruited per year would be imposed to you. If your company focusses on MORE THAN one (1) country, a minimum target of fifty (50) students being recruited per year would be imposed to you;
  3. Kindly prove your company has recruited at least: I) twenty five (25) students if you target for one country with proof of offer letters from the universities (other than UPM and Language Centres); OR II) fifty (50) students if you target for more than one country with proof of offer letters from the universities (other than UPSI and Language Centres); and
  4. Kindly ensure your company has at least three (3) existing clients from the top ranked private universities in Malaysia such as Taylor’s, LimKokWing, MMU, SeGI, APU, etc. Kindly attach the appointed certificates signed by these universities, OR, the front cover and signatory sections of your contract agreement with these universities. 

Simple Steps to Apply:

  1. Submit the application form together with these documents;
  2. Certified true copies of company registration (attach relevant documents / certificates);
  3. Company profile;
  4. Company’s business plan with a description of the strategies and activities planned to promote / recruit students for UPSI;
  5. Certified true copy of company bank account with the current bank statement;
  6. Proof of successful student recruitment;
  7. Proof of existing clients; AND




Note to all Applicants:

Your company’s application would be vetted and processed for approval in a meeting scheduled to be held three (3) times a year;

Once approved, your company’s application would go through an endorsement process;

Once your company’s application has been approved and endorsed, UPSI will issue an appointment certificate as proof that you are UPSI’s official student recruitment agent and your company can start recruiting;

In the meantime, a contract agreement would be drafted and signed for commission claiming purposes. Your company’s claim cannot be processed if you do not attach a stamped contract agreement; AND

The commission paid per student is.