General Information

To ensure that your application process does not encounter any problems, here are some information to guide you:

  1. There is no refund application should be applied for the processing charge from UPSI and EMGS once the application has been issued.

  2. Refund can only be applied for the non – processing charge from EMGS and the refunded amount is subjected to their approval.

  3. Refund is subject to rules and regulations under the Immigration Ordinance 1959, Immigration of Malaysia Regulation 1963.

  4. The process for refund application will take minimum 14 working days upon receiving of complete documents. Please follow the checklist for refund HERE.

  5. For EMGS refund, there is no specific timeline for the process as it involves transactions between multiple agencies. Applicant must follow the policy of refund from EMGS via link:,,SSL+refund-policy.html


International Students and Expatriates were needed to comply with the requirement set by the Malaysia Immigration Department. To note it may delayed the process if do not submit the photo that meets the requirements. The following clarifications are included due to recent updates from the Department of Immigration regarding the acceptability of submitted photographs. 


  • Sharp focus and clear.
  • Free from ‘redeye’.
  • Free from shadows.
  • Digital enhancements or changes are not acceptable.
  • Your photos must be professionally printed and 45 millimeters (mm) high x 35 mm wide.
  • Please do not use photos that have been cut down from larger pictures.
  • The image of from the crown of the head to the chin – must be between 34mm and 39mm high.
  • No white border surrounding the photo as this may affect the dimensions of the image.
  • Printed professionally or taken in a passport photo booth. Photos printed at home are unlikely to be of an acceptable standard.
  • Have the person’s full name on the back of each photograph (when submitted manually).
EXAMPLE: PHOTO SIZE 3.5 cm x 4.5 cm

e-VISA for Foreign Students (IPTA/IPTS with universities status only) would be available for the allowed 10 citizens mainly People Republic of China, Myanmar, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Bhutan, Serbia and Montenegro.

Foreign students may self apply e-VAL online using the e-VISA facility provided via

Applicant must ensure the information entered/upload are correct. Information required is as per below:

1.Personal Information 
2.Passport Information 
3.Employer Information 
4. Visa Approval Letter  (e-VAL) 
5. Detail page of passport

Approval of e-VISA is within 48 hours upon submission of the application. Once approved, foreign students and institution will receive an email notification and required to print e-VISA & e-VISA must be presented along with Letter of Approval to studying in Malaysia upon arrival.

This eVISA facility is only used for Student Pass purposes. For Dependent Pass Application, the use of e-VISA is not allowed.